Overwhelmed. There are really no other words to express how I feel right now. There are times when I just want to hide in my tiny room and cry myself to sleep until January, there are times when I want to catch the first train home, and there are times when I am in a McDo (that’s how they call it here) with a cup of coffee, and it feels incredibly weird to be writing in English because it’s the only language I know I haven’t been using much in the last few days.
I still have no internet connection in my room, but hopefully things will change today. This makes me feel even more alone, but I’m actually so busy that I have very little time to notice. I’m trying to figure out the classes I’ll attend, which offices I have to visit before then, which activities I may have time for outside the universities, where the classrooms are… I’m also trying not to eat crap, take lots of pictures and not spend a fortune in tram tickets (which means me and Maritza – my bike – have been spending lots of time together).
I admit it’s getting a bit easier every day. I still miss everybody like crazy, but I really cannot focus on that right now or I’ll never move on to finding my place here.
I’ll keep this short and sweet since I still have tons of stuff to get done today… but I want to leave you with some pictures from my first weekend (with my family) in Strasbourg. Some of them are courtesy of my mom.

Pretty Strasbourg by night
Downtown Strasbourg
I actually had beer. Sort of.
Zoo and park very close to the residence!
Storks are representative of Alsace (Stras’ region)
Hot and sunny on Saturday! It didn’t last long…
Along the Ill river

3 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. “Let's start at the very beginning -a very good place to start.” Sono contenta che ti trovi bene, lo spaesamento è normale ma non dubito che presto passerà! Attendo impaziente tue notizie! Un abbraccio.

  2. bellissimo…
    hai saputo rendere l'idea del tuo stato d'animo e del percorso che stai affrontando.
    tieni duro.
    ciao anima bella.
    bibì e bibò

  3. MA COME è CHE IO LO SO SOLO ORA?? aggiorniamoci per il 5 ottobre, non posso venire e dbbiamo spostare..ti racconto appena riusciamo a beccarci in skype 🙂 manchi! baci Marta crucca

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