How Strasbourg welcomed me

I can hardly believe it, but I can finally get online from my room. It took a looong time. First I didn’t know I needed a cable. (Seriously, what’s wrong with wifi?) After I found it (and it wasn’t easy), still no connection. I was told the whole residence was having a problem. Then the problem was solved but I still couldn’t connect. Then Manuelsan found out I had the wrong cable and I was able to replace it.

I actually don’t know how to catch up with all the stuff I have to. This blog was one of the first things I wanted to get updated, but alas, I’m tired. (Or lazy). That’s what papirology and greek literature will do to you.
I want to share a few random thoughts. Strasbourg is being a weird experience for me so far.
For instance, in Strasbourg you might have to talk in three languages, listen to conversations in two more, and read in two more for good measure.
In Strasbourg, you can forget your fear that your meals will be terrible and enjoy some of the best baked food you’ll ever taste. I’m seriously thinking about writing special posts about the places I’m loving most. (I also think Strasbourg has the highest concentration of foreign food restaurants among the cities I’ve visited).
In Strasbourg, you can discover the pleasure of being able to explore a whole city on a bike.
In Strasbourg, you spend hours reading cooking magazines and books.
In Strasbourg, you might find out that the egyptology and papirology departments are not to be hidden in a closet; they can be located in the most badass university building I’ve ever seen.
In Strasbourg you may happen to get sick from the smell of foie gras at 8 in the morning while getting to class. Eh.

One thought on “How Strasbourg welcomed me

  1. My Name!
    On a french Blog!
    English Written!
    I really really miss Strasbourg…

    (And maybe also Anna-chan, but just a little… :P)

    [Chissà che orrori ho scritto in 4 frasi in inglese xD]

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