The road to Robertsau

Let me dedicate a few words to my everyday commuting – the road from the residence to the university (or Strasbourg downtown).
When I first was informed that I’d got a room at the Robertsau residence, I was both relieved and nervous. Relieved, because that meant not having to come here in August looking for roommates I could find out later I didn’t like; nervous, because I knew the rooms here were small, and it was one of the farthest accomodations from the city centre.
I was lucky enough to have the chance to bring my own bike with me, though, and decided to give a try to the whole biking-is-good-for-me-so-I’ll-wait-until-it’s-colder-to-use-public-trasport concept. (By the way, I wouldn’t say it’s warm now. Would you call 12°C in mid-September warm?)

That was when the magic happened. On the first few days, even with all the anxiety coming from loneliness and not being sure what classes I had to take and so on, I started to fall in love with this city; I learnt to cherish biking “home” and lifting my eyes to the beautiful, majestic buildings. Let me tell you this: Strasbourgers have a soft spot for boulevards, trees and belle epoque palaces.

So, when I push my way “home” on the pedals, and I leave the city centre behind…

St. Paul, I think? I plan to investigate…

I encounter these lovely lines of trees that speak of autumn.

See how few cars there are? I always see more parked cars than traffic on the streets. My impression is that residents take any available spot to park their cars close to home (including bike space!) but then tend to leave them there until they really need them.
Then my favourite part begins.

I’m not sure yet; are these ambassies, offices, private homes? I’d say there are some of each (there’s also a clinic and very few shops).
I’ll tell you about the residence itself in one of the next posts, but this is one of the main reasons I’m actually happy I’m here. The last short part of the ride includes the Parc de l’Orangerie (as seen here), the Council of Europe and the European Parliament… and the whole thing is nice, safe and pretty quick (only 15-20 minutes, I’d say).

Now, I’m heading off to be tortured educated with some Linguistics. Talk soon!


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