Premiere fête medievale de Strasbourg

This weekend, Strasbourg is celebrating its first mediaeval festival. Of course, I had to go and have a look! I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling sleepy all day (might be the flu medication?), but I enjoyed a few hours there all the same.
There were people in costumes everywhere in the cathedral square. I overheard a few people explaining details about their outfits to tourists: I think it’s really nice that they were informed and ready to educate passers-by. I even heard a young woman saying that the buttons on her dress were exactly like the ones they used in the area in mediaeval times! Great attention to details.

This sweet little girl wouldn’t let me take her picture. I managed to snap this one before she noticed me, then she quickly hid into the crowd.

Did I mention that it was the perfect autumn day?
The surrounding buildings and red leaves made an amazing atmosphere. It was crowded, but not too much – I think there were mostly locals, while tourists filled in restaurants and shopping streets as usual. I don’t think the event had received lots of attention from the media. This was actually not too bad, because too many people would have made it difficult to enjoy the different activities. There were horses and donkeys to ride…
Food to eat…
Not this food, actually. This was the eyes only.
Dances to watch…
And lots of people focused on different activities who probably just wanted me to leave after I took a few dozens pictures of them. There were even a few men who showed how they made stone sculpture for the cathedral!
It was all so enjoyable I actually sat on a bench (and shared it with the sweetest elder french couple) and read a book for over an hour; children dressed up like princessed and knights played around me, and music and good-smelling food were everywhere. Unfortunately, that was when this came:
Of course, it started pouring the minute I got onto my bike. Of course, I got drenched. Of course, it stopped when I got to Robertsau…

5 thoughts on “Premiere fête medievale de Strasbourg

  1. oddio,mi sono innamorata del tipo con la barba vestito mezzo bianco e mezzo rosso. devi trovarmelo per quando vengo a trovarti! 🙂 marta crucca

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