Getting out of Stras: Sélestat and Colmar


I hope you’re ready for a ridiculous amount of pictures from today’s daytrip. Actually, I don’t think anyone can be ready for that, but if you feel like I’m spamming you, you can always leave the blog right now, can’t you? So, this is my blog, this is where I decide how much you’re going to be spammed. Enjoy!

I spent the day in Sélestat and Colmar. And loved it. I had good company*, some hot tea, a camera and a terrible weather. What more could I want?

*Please note: I decided not to directly mention (or show pictures of) people without their explicit permission. Not everybody likes to be on a blog.

We left in good spirit and got to Sélestat without any major problems.

I have no clue about this thing.

For a lucky coincidence today most museums were free and those that weren’t were free for us anyway because, well, we were four charming foreign girls… so we made sure to get plenty of museums into our day! First came the historical library, called Bibliothèque Humaniste (website in french only, sorry):

There was a reproduction of the medieval town
Lots of manuscripts – some in ancient greek!
Lots of books in general.

I was really happy with the general organization of the library. There was enough to see to get an overall idea of the place, a good amount of manuscripts/books displayed (which of course meant I left my companions waiting for a while) and a few museum pieces that were well worth a look. And it was in the lovely city centre:

Then, then it was time for another amazing museum. It’s like people in Sélestat selected the things I like most for their exhibitions: I mean, manuscripts and food?

This is bread. No, really, bread!

Look at this:

Museum of bread and baking.

They made, sold and showed off some amazing baked goods:

It was specifically about bread-making in Alsace, which I found interesting! I’ve seen so many different pastries in Strasbourg’s bakeries and I’m not sure I can tell the difference:

We had time for another walk around town…

And then we headed to Colmar, about which I think I’ll tell you in another post tomorrow, because it’s getting late. Goonight!


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