Five times five

Five things I did today:

  1. had amazing hot pureed pumpkin with raisins for lunch
  2. went to see Strasbourg railway station and didn’t like it at all
  3. wandered about one hour in a bookshop wishing I could spend 1000€ in cooking books
  4. listened for a good two hours to an Egyptology lesson by a visiting professor
  5. ate a smashed sandwich that spent way too much time in my bag

Five things the French people say that I find cute:

  1. voila (not really just “Here it is”)
  2. je t’en prie (= you’re welcome)
  3. grosso modo (grossò-modò)
  4. ça sera tout? (= anything else? When you’re shopping)
  5. Non, non, tu parles bien français (= you can speak french well. I love the way they lie.)

Five things that surprised me in Strasbourg:

  1. there are bikes everywhere but people have yet to learn not to get in bikers’ way
  2. there is an awesome Egyptology/Papirology department
  3. food is amazing
  4. italian students are not a majority
  5. there are tons of comics available in public libraries

Five things I’m looking forward to this week:

  1. a Mage: the Ascension session
  2. a bateau mouche tour for foreign students only
  3. daytrip to Nancy (maybe)
  4. finally recover from this flu
  5. jogging in the parc

Five alsatian foods that I’ve already tried:

  1. kugelhopf
  2. pain d’épices
  3. bretzel
  4. tarte flambée / flammekuche (!)
  5. foie gras (regretted this instantly)

…but I’m pretty sure I’d give my left hand for some mushroom risotto from mom right now.


One thought on “Five times five

  1. “Travelling teaches more than anything else. Sometimes a single day spent in other places, gives more than ten years of life at home.” (Anatole France) it is true, is not it? 🙂
    I like your posts. Good luck my dear.

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