In case you couldn’t tell I love veggies: Pur et caetera

Let’s talk about vegetables. Which isn’t so rare at all if you know me.

But first, let me introduce someone who I’m sure won’t care if she gets her picture on this blog:


I think her name is Christine. I heard someone calling her today. She’s cute and she loves petting! She was only very interested in my trash. She and the other (huge!) cat who live in the residence yards are probably fed by students and maids, because they’re very friendly (and quite fat). It was a very nice way to start the day to have her enjoy some cuddles.

Gimme food

Other news: today I gave the application sheet for all my courses to my coordinator here. I cannot change them any more, so let’s hope I keep on loving them as much as I do now!

You’d say the biggest event of the day would be the bateau mouche tour for foreign students organized by the university. But ooops, I was actually more excited about lunch:


See this? This is Pur et caetera, my favourite place to eat out in Strasbourg so far. I love it more than that awesome jewish patisserie on the allée de la Robertsau; I love it more of that pub downtown that makes mouthwatering tartes flambées, both of the savory and sweet variety; I love it more than the neighbourhood bakery with all its madeleines  and little kugelhopfs  and quiches. And what mysterious, magical food will they serve there, you may ask?

Better than flammekueche?

But of course, pureed vegetables. And also, fresh juices and salads. And everything is made with organic produce from local sellers; the fruits and veggies they use change seasonally. For someone like me, who has a deep love for soups and weird combos, they have stuff like that orange blob above: pureed japanese squash with raisins. I added dried onions and organic comté (a local cheese). Also, some pureed potatoes, because I love potatoes.

Lots of yummy stuff you can add

All served in a funky colourful little room:


I can see lots of pureed veggies in my future. And fruit smoothies. And tofu.
Sure, it isn’t the cheapest option available, but it doesn’t cost more than a sandwich at Subway, and it’s right in the city centre (literally five minutes from the cathedral). I suggest you try it if you end up in Strasbourg. I will most definitely try to bring there anyone who comes visiting.

Pur et caetera
15 place Saint Etienne – 67000 Strasbourg
Tél : – Courriel :

But maybe you wanted to see pictures from the tour. Sheesh, here they are… even though I don’t understand how that is more interesting than pureed pumpkin.

Cute roofs
I have a weird story about Petite France. Ask me about it.
Jail? Can’t remember.
A school!
St. Paul
Love this!

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