Ode to my neighbourhood: La Robertsau

Today was a beautiful day. One of those sunny cool days when you can smell autumn and never know what to wear not to be cold in the shade and hot in in the sun. So, after doing some much needed laundry (seriously, only four washing machines for 900 students? What were they thinking?) I had a walk through the neighbourhood: went to the public library to borrow a book, made some shopping at the market (I finally gave in and bought an avocado for my next salad; it was only a matter of time)… then I decided I was finally feeling well enough to get some jogging done, and I was right. One of the (many) things I love about this neighbourhood is you can easily find several different routes for jogging. Today I decided to try the Parc de l’Orangerie (the one with the zoo). Of course I didn’t have a camera, but these are some pics I found online:

I really loved it. But I have to admit that I fell in love with la Robertsau in general.
Perfect little place.

And I think its people love it as well. I can tell by the way they decorate their little houses (no big and ugly buildings here), by the care they have for their gardens.

Storks –> Alsace

You have everything you would ever need here. Or better, everything I would ever need. No club to party hard all night long, but a few tea salons, bakeries, a couple supermarkets, a school, a postal office…

I love postcards and I’m not afraid to admit it.

I think I can find my place here.

Smile for the camera

It has its own charm, given by being so far from Strasbourg downtown but still a part of a majestic big city with all kinds of happenings.

Shows everywhere

And I’m fairly sure its charmed is doubled by the fact that we’re enjoying a mild, sweet early autumn.

The protestant pastor’s house

They also organise lots of different activities for children.

More shows

And the local library, which is of course not huge but very easy to reach, has a big section of children books and comics. There was a crowd of kids today, even some small peeps aged 4 or 5!

Very kind staff also

I’d say that as an overall impression, it’s a place where Strasbourgers settle when they want to start a family.

Small nice houses
And nice gardens.

It’s a sort of “city inside the city”. No criminality (or any that can be easily seen) because it’s so close to the European Parliament and there are so few commercial activities – and they’re mostly traditional ones.

A cafe

It has also kept a few traditional architecture pieces that are absolutely charming:

I love these windows!

Gardens are not huge but they’re big enough to grow flowers and the occasional vegetable garden.

 I might have an addiction to pumpkins

And did I mention my friendly neighbours?

Oh hai
All this is five minutes away from my room. Honestly, I’ve heard people ranting about being so far from the parties and activities, but me – I am so happy here. I was first a bit scared when I heard I was so far from university and big shops, but actually it’s the perfect spot for me. I’ve seen the Paul Appell residence but come on, seriously – was hardly being able to see the sky my option? Here there are green patches everyday, two huge parks, one of which has a castle, and I can actually notice seasons changing. Sure, the uni campus has some trees and some grass, but it’s not the same thing. Here, I go to the supermarket, I bike along a river watching swans; I want to go jogging, I don’t get lost among highways (this actually happened to a friend who lives in Paul Appell); I enter the library for the first time, I meet a kind, relaxed librarian who’s glad to guide me on a tour of the place (and not some creepy men who want my telephone number; this happened to me in the city centre library).
If I were given the option of moving to Strasbourg permanently starting tomorrow, I’d start looking for a place to live here. In la Robertsau.

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