Just went to Germany

Pont de l’Europe

So, what did I do today? Oh, nothing important really – just went to Germany.
After spending the morning translating from ancient greek to french (you have no idea how exhausting that can be), looking for a mysterious guy through papyri from Thebe, and ignoring a few other homework (ah-hem), I decided this sunday was way too sunny to stay in my room.
Going to Kehl, the first city beyong the Rhine river (and thus in Germany) was on my to-do list since I got here, but I never found the time. Today was the day. It takes about 25 minutes from my residence… only 25 minutes to get to Germany! Crazy. I biked to the city and found lots of closed shops. I think I need to give up the idea of sunday shopping… in either France or Germany. So I kept going until I reached the Jardin des Deux Rives / Garten der Zwei Ufer, a really nice and big park that’s partly on the german side and partly on the french side (I only saw the first one today).


There was lots of people! I finally get it: they don’t go shopping, they don’t take a walk in the city centre, they visit parks and bring baby / grandma / the puppy for a stroll. Everybody was having a really good time: children playing in the small pools (surprise hot weather!), dogs bathing in the river, people relaxing on the grass and reading a book.
There were pieces of art all around the place:

Words cannot express I cute I find this thing
Gott ist ein Holländer

I got to a panoramic structure you could climb up a good amount of stairs:

This one

On each step there was the name of someone (or a company). I suppose it was the people who raised the money to build it.

I loved this one in particular!

It was high! And when I got to the top, I found out it swayed in the wind. So I chose not to stay for long.


I even got tourists take my picture. I waited for french tourists of course. I’m not ready to disclose my horrible german to native speakers yet.

Woah woah woah, slow down, is this a tourist-y picture?!

Now one without the worn out, sweaty girl:

Much better.

All considered, it was a very good way to spend the first autumn sunday – I’m happy with my decision. I’ll be back to see the french side of the park soon!

Autumn anyway

2 thoughts on “Just went to Germany

  1. aww *-* che bello il tuo blog! che bello immaginarti in bici ad attraversare la frontiera! mi piacerebbe avere la tua costanza e riuscire a tenere un blog simile, continuerò a seguirti 😉

    ps: pienamente d'accordo a proposito del wi-fi, anche io sono legata a un cavo LAN!

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