Papyri won’t stop me from loving you

Woah! The central days of the week are always so busy. Not that I actually have time right now, but since I’m stuck on a papyrus and it’s already 10 p.m., I figured out I might as well give up for today and pick it up again tomorrow, so that I can look at it with fresh eyes.

In the meantime, before going to bed, I want to show you something:


This, my friends, is proof that I can that I can fix a fallen bike chain, I’m not kidding you. I didn’t know it either until I found myself completely at a loss, in Strasbourg centre, without a single french willing to help. I had to use some well hidden skills.
Thursdays are always tough. Waking up at 6.45 am to spend an hour doing german exercise and an hour long conversation lesson where we’re only allowed to speak german?! Why? Please remind me.
After lunch and some more lessons, I decided it was time to get some school books that aren’t really necessary but will do only good to my non-existant knowledge in ancient philosophy.

Funny bag 🙂

I still cannot believe I left the bookstore without buying a single cookbook! It’s a miracle.
I wasn’t very happy to come home to this:

The enemy.

It seems I still cannot handle them. At least, not as well as my teacher would love! I don’t understand if I’m behind compared to french students (I’m guessing not) but this is all very frustrating.
Apart from that though, I’m still in love with this university. To be honest, university back home was starting to feel like a cage. I remember when I was a freshman – everything was so scary and exciting. I wanted to get through with my studies and apply for a PhD. Everything went pretty nicely up until about one year ago: at the beginning of grad school, after three months of relax, I started to realize I just wasn’t feeling it. The stress added up until July, when I knew if it had to be much longer before I could rest, I’d have a breakdown. And I was actually so happy knowing that I’d be here in September – because the only thought of being back there in just one month was scarier than the whole idea of being abroad, alone in a new place where they spoke a language I wasn’t sure I could understand. Of course I was nervous the first weeks, but as soon as I started to get used to Strasbourg, I felt a weight being lifted from my chest. I actually dread the day when I’ll have to walk into my university again, because this place is giving me a new love for university. I’m almost sure I won’t be done with my studies after this degree, but now I’m only pretty sure I want to spend some more months abroad if it’s possible.
Here I finally feel like I’m a resource, not just a cost and an annoying obstacle to my teachers’ individual research (of course, this wasn’t the case with all my professors, but the majority of them never showed a great love for teaching). I think they’re much more focused on the students here. I’m pretty sure this is also true because they have the money to do so… but there’s still a huge difference in the attitude as well. I sometimes think teachers should take part in exchange programs too.

PS: I got this in the mail a few days ago!


It’s a padded camera strap cover and I’m pretty sure it will change my life. Of course I got it on Etsy – I’m mildly obsessed with that website. This is the seller, in case you’re interested… I’m really happy with my purchase!


One thought on “Papyri won’t stop me from loving you

  1. Hi! Let's have a try at my English this time!
    What are you supposed to do with that papyrus? Mere transcription or any kind of commentary/supplement? Anyway, it doesn't look easy at all! I send you all my support!

    – Martina

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