Mid-week posting means being brief

  • My courses at UPE (Université Populaire Européenne) begin tomorrow. I’m only taking language courses and one of them is held in a religious school which looks amazing.
  • That papyrus wasn’t something we were really supposed to be able to read before the lesson. Oh well, it could be done but our professor totally expected us to be needing help. (Actually, isn’t this a bit disconforting?)
  • Yesterday, a girl who doesn’t know the difference between the “My documents” and “My recent documents” and needed me to show her where to find la petite étoile (*) on her keyboard told me«Tu es très forte en informatique!» («You’re very good with computers!»). What is this, an insult?
  • At our last Egyptology lesson, I fell in love with an online database for prosopography in Ptolemaic Egypt. This love affair just can’t work though… The suggested browser is Safari.
  • I still have to write a conversation in German between a doctor and a sick girl. Heh, looks like something I’ve seen a couple times.

(I don’t know who may be interested in reading a post like this, I really have no clue.)

(If my neighbour keeps making this much noise, I might have to listen to some very loud Marylin Manson at 4 in the morning. Or even Rebecca Black, I mean… why have pity?)

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