Welcome to my crib

Autumn is here. Seriously. I went out for a jog today and I was really happy to be running because otherwise there would be no way I’d standing there and not freezing! I have zero experience with winter running outside and I wonder how long I can go on before looking for a warm gym that doesn’t charge me too much.

You’ve surely noticed the blog makeover! What do you think? As much as I loved seeing a big slice of pie whenever I logged in, I like the clean look of this new layout and all the light. And the bigger pictures! If you don’t feel confortable with it though, you can click on “classic” on the upper left and it’ll be closer to what it used to be.

Anyway, it’s time to actually show you my room! I waited all this time because I wanted it to be “complete” – and it is now, after getting some stuff from home and a trip to Ikea.
Here it is:

from the door
from the window

I may have mentioned that I was disappointed at first when I found out my view wasn’t on the adorable little houses behind the residence, but on the central yard. Truth is though, living on the fourth floor means lots of light, and there are enough trees that it doesn’t feel too “crowded”.

room with a view

The room is small, but not as small as I’d imagined. Not actually having a toilet and a kitchen is a major inconvenience, but the floor is usually empty (I have no idea what my neighbours do all the time!), so I don’t worry about it too much and walk about in my pijama whenever I want. I have, anyway, a tiny fridge (you can see it behind the bed in the first picture) and a sink:

sink, food and Anna

Storage space is very limited. I only have this, plus some room over the bed for books and a couple shelves for kitchen and cleaning supplies:

novels, schooltexts and cookbooks.

How like me.

busy shelves

This wall is the one that troubles me the most. It’s terribly empty. You can also see I try to put clothes everywhere to dry up.
The opposite side, on the other hand, is nice and bright, with a few posters mom ordered online for me, and a sweet note from my little cousin:

some colour!
A couple close-ups now: you probably know what is a must in whatever space I happen to live in.
Fruit, cookies and something green:
wanted basil. didn’t find it.

Mugs! I actually thought I’d be buying tons as soon as I got here, but turns out the french don’t love them very much – or love them too much? Anyway, I found very few, and all extremely pricey! Who’s gonna pay 30€ for a mug?

ikea to the rescue

Tea! Six different varieties of it.

it’s gonna be a long autumn

And… a surprise. I noticed this sitting on my wardrobe the first day.


I still have no idea why the residence can afford leaving computers in random rooms, but not buying microvawes that don’t look like they seen oily hells we can’t even imagine.

Now that you’ve seen my castle, I want to show you some more pictures of the residence… but that’ll have to wait. Have a nice sunday!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to my crib

  1. è sempre bello vederti..
    riesci a descrivere con l'anima e la testa questa tua straordinaria esperienza
    hai un'aura meravigliosa
    ciao tesoro

  2. I really liked your temporary home. A small but cozy room with a good warm atmosphere… Wonderful paintings on the wall, and funny mugs! 🙂

  3. Hey there, I am so grateful for your posts on la résidence de la robertsau, really. I know it’s been a couple of years that you were there but when I got accepted, started googling it and only found negative remarks, I kinda got depressed…so thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for reading, I’m glad it was helpful! I was absolutely in love with the Robertsau area and I am sure you’ll like it too. Do go to that little bakery on the right of Place des corps de la guarde and eat some nuts-and-apricots bread for me, too! Best wishes

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