Résidence de la Robertsau, 67085 Strasbourg cedex

I promised you a post about the students residence I live in – here it is.
As you already know, the buildings are located in the nicest neighbourhood ever, among two huge parks and the European Parliament. It’s the perfect location for students as far as I’m concerned: not too far from the city centre, in a very international atmosphere, with green patches everywhere.

That’s it, where the purple dot is. So close to Germany that I’d probably see it if my window was in the right direction.

Let me tell you – this is a big place. Three buildings, each of them divided into two parts; five floors and thirty rooms for each floor. That’s housing for around 900 students.
I managed to collect some pieces of advice before coming here – which buildings were the best and stuff like that; it seems they really are because there were no rooms available there when I arrived! So my priority was being as high as I could, to enjoy the view and throw in some extra exercise which isn’t so bad (no elevators!).

It’s not that terrible… unless you’re carrying a huge laundry bag around to find a washing machine, I mean. Only the brave.
Unfortunately, I got view on the yard, as I said. Wrong side *sigh*. Honestly, it’s not particularly pretty…

This is what it looks like at its best, on a sunny day.
(Not my building. This is my building: )

It still has more green than it would probably be in Milan though, which I’m grateful for. It would be probably quite a dull place if it wasn’t for the pines and birches – and I’m sure it looks lovely with some snow as well (I cannot express in human words how much I want to see snow in this city. Seriously, if it doesn’t snow before December 23, I’m going to come back just for that).

And the green is actually green, not some sick, place shade of yellowish grey. Nature feels quite at ease here, you can tell:

If you look at the picture of the yard, you’ll see a few bikes on the right against the little trees. Well, the trees are not happy (I think they’re struggling quite a lot, in fact), and the sole explanation is: students are lazy. That’s exactly where one of the buildings door is, and it’s better not to walk too much, right? I mean, those 50 more meters might kill them.
It’s true though that bike racks are limited; 900 students means, well, hundreds of bikes, so there are some everywhere you look:

(Please note that we don’t actually have a cafeteria and that I’m not really sure the photo lab is actually ever open. But we have two small gyms!)
Anyway, hundreds of bikes, I was saying.


Overall, it’s a nice place. I don’t have much to rant about, even though I occasionally enjoy doing that (especially when my left neighbours has visits or my right neighbour feels like singing at 11 pm). The floor is live in is almost always empty:

It looks like this all. the. time.

I had a few different reasons to be over the moon when I found out I got a room at la Robertsau. First, I wouldn’t have to come to Strasbourg in August for this specific reason, to find a flat to share with people I didn’t know and who would be regular students who enjoy parties, booze and late-night noise – none of which is on my Erasmus top ten activities list. Secondly, I wouldn’t have to pay over 350€ for – well – a room and a shared bathroom, just like here (only I pay less than half that). Last but not least – hey, I was going to live in a student residence, just like you see in TV! Like they do in the US!
I don’t know what I was expecting. It’s not like we’re always hanging out on the stairs listening to music and making plans for the future. My neighbour and I didn’t become BFF and share life stories and tea on my bed. We say “good morning” and “good night” when we meet in the kitchen, and that’s all. Don’t get me wrong, I like living here… but the other students are just not the reason. This is:

And really, it’s ok.


One thought on “Résidence de la Robertsau, 67085 Strasbourg cedex

  1. Gli ultimi due post fanno percepire la tua quotidianità, mancavano proprio! Prossimo obiettivo un reportage della cucina dello studentato? Scommetto che l'hai perlustrata appena arrivata!

    Mi ha colpito molto colpita dalla luminosità che c'è… La luce è appena appena fredda (è comunque autunno!), ma molto trasparente: non sembra di stare in una città! Starei incollata alla finestra tutto il tempo lì 🙂

    – Martina

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