Marshmallow science, old-fashioned museums and unidentified desserts

Five-years-old girls and me have the same idea of what science should be:

Actually, in the first picture they’re looking at stuff at the archaeological section. Look at those intent little faces… if I wanted children, I’d want children who can be entertained by pieces of ancient roman pottery and gallic jewelry.
All this was find at thFête de la science at the Palais Universitaire. 

Nerds and students explaining science to children and teenagers. While this wasn’t actually the “fun for adults and children” I expected, I was still happy to see how much everyone seemed to enjoy the event.

And there were cookie-boxes-toy-cars! I want one.
After that, a visit to the Natural science museum (Musée zoologique) seemed fitting. The museum is once again inside a historical building.

And it was, once again, completely empty. I did not spot a single other visitor and even eavesdropped a conversation between two workers: one of them, addressing the other one (who was clearly a newbie) said: «Yeah, more often than not we have no visitors at all.» This made me sad, and I even felt a bit guilty that I was getting in with a free ticket for which I qualified as a student.

I have to say the museum was lacking in a few departments. First, everything was really old, from the stuffed animals (actually, I’m not sure they were once real and alive…) to the structure itself. It’s one of those places where the floor below you makes a hellish amount of noise whenever you take a step.

Oh, and hey, I thought this guy looked a bit like Allison, my cat.

Descriptions were basically nonexistent. The tags looked like they’ve been there since WWII. I was obviously fascinated by this place, and the ambiance had even more allure because I was the only human being there. Apart from that, though, I cannot see how a family or a school would want to bring their children in for a visit (and let’s be honest, natural history museums have mainly children as their target).

They actually tried. I know that because there were comics (and ethical ones for that matter).

 «Couldn’t he wait for me to go into hibernation?» 
And there was a nice room with books and scientific reviews. But it’s just not enough.

I was a bit disappointed because museums had been great so far in Strasbourg. Then again, at a dinner yesterday night, a guy who lives here told me they’re actually not that good – and I’m starting to be afraid that he was right. I still plan to visit every single one of them and bore you to death with photos and opinions… after all, museums are one of my favourite things.
And what else is one of my favourite things?

A small market of regional products downtown – and by small, I mean small. Some cheese, some wine and a few baked products, which of course were my choice for lunch. Even though the cheese man smiled for the camera (I love when they do that):

Food was also really cheap, which isn’t common at this kind of events. If only I had a freezer, I’d have bought lots of stuff to store for the upcoming weeks!

Whole wheat bread that I brought home for the couple next meals and which was actually a bit harder than I like it (I like my bread as soft as possible, no crunch for me, thankyouverymuch)… and a dessert that was a bit of a mystery.

The lady called it a tranche marcel, but googling that gives no relevant results. It was delicious though! Dense, probably filled but butter, but (thus?) delicious. Almond flour, maybe? I don’t know if I’m sad I cannot find a recipe to replicate at home or I’m happy I won’t have stuff like that in my house. It’s dangerous, really.

Uh, and after lunch – a gift for myself! I had planned to buy a wok, but didn’t want to do it here since the only ones I found were really expensive. Today though I happened to find one that was cheaper even though it included lots of accessories! It was in this shop. I’d have waited, I swear, but everything was 10% off until today. The only reason, I swear.

The fact that I have already bought (and drooled over) two wok cookbooks counts nothing.


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