The cité-jardin Ungemach

Imagine living in a little adorable salmon pink house, surrounded by dozens of other little salmon pink houses that are just as adorable and very lookalike, but just so slightly different, each of them with a little pretty garden.
A very nice place indeed, where the streets have names like “spring avenue” or “strawberry road” or “tulip street”…

Only, the neighbours aren’t like all other neighbours. Sure, they don’t make much noise or obnoxious BBQs, they don’t have any pets… yet, there are always lots of people coming and going, sometimes at strange hours; and not to be racist, but I think very few of them are french. And the media are strangely interested in their activities.

The neighbours… also known as the European Parliament.

It’s weird, and really nice. It’s a neighbourhood built in the 1920s by Charles-Léon Ungemach for factory workers in Strasbourg who “wanted to live a safe and moral life”. It’s called Cité-jardin Ungemach and it’s a little jewel. The houses are a bit old and worn out, but pretty and old-fashioned… and the contrast the sparkling, modern Parliament is funny.
I actually ended up in here last week when I was out joggin and got lost (note to myself: never follow other runners thinking they know a shortcut to the park).
Here’s an aerial view which, of course, isn’t mine (source).
This isn’t the Robertsau neighbourhood (it’s actually part of the Wacken neighbourhood), but, hey, I wouldn’t mind enjoying the cold weather in one of these pretty cute households, sipping a hot tea… and letting the cat in. For cuddles.
(Can the weekend please last a few more days?)

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