A published photographer

Ok, I didn’t plan to post during fall break, but this is a really funny story.
A couple of weeks ago, the day I visited the Natural science museum in Strasbourg, I stopped in Place Arnold to snap a couple pictures of the St. Marcel church first. because I thought it was beautiful. I even took so many other photos that day that I didn’t post any of the church, so here you go:

While I was there, still on my bike, ready to snap a couple more pictures and move on to the next stop, a man approached me and said “Excuse me, miss – I can see you have a camera!”
Well, sure I do, I thought, but how is it to any interest at all to anyone?
Turns out he works at the Bibliobus, a moving library on a yellow, cute bus that stops in a different place in Strasbourg every day of the week, allowing more people to borrow books (that can be given back to any library afterwards). It’s a really nice thing. Anyway, he was supposed to take pictures of the bus in Place Arnold that day but he forgot the camera home and asked if I could spare five minutes to snap a few: they were for an article on the city’s library system.
He made me talk with his boss and they both couldn’t believe I was more than ready – excited, really, at the idea! I spent about 20 minutes taking all sorts of pictures from every angle to include as much of the surroundings as possible:

And that evening I edited them and sent them to the boss, who informed me one of them would be published in a few days. And the day is today!

While I’m a bit disappointed that they chose a photograph that only shows the bus, I still think it’s pretty fun that I was “published” as a photographer in a way. I was even asked by the two if I was a photography student (ahah) and they cared to inform me that there was no retribution provided for the task! So so funny. Anyway, the article will probably be gone once it’s old news, so I thought about posting about it… because I’m a VIP now.


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