Strasbourg knows better

It took so little time for Strasbourg to soothe my bad feelings that I’m almost embarassed. Sure, I have to steer clear of some thoughts (sometimes trivial ones, like “aww look at these tissues that came all the way from Italy with me!”), but most of the time I just do… fine. Not great, sure, but ok.
I still think Strasbourg on a dull festivity night was not so nice. But once the sun rose, I was welcomed into a new, shiny world of gold and red. I thought autumn was what I left in october; turns out, Strasbourg was only getting ready for all this magnificent shades.

So I brought my camera with me to class today. All pictures in this post were taken on campus, apart from the last two that I snapped at the Parc de l’Orangerie. Isn’t all this beautiful?
And I actually have plans for the weekend. Some of which include one other person!

I feel so grateful right now. I know I’m not the average Erasmus student, and this is not the average Erasmus experience… but this all adds to the impression that I’m developping a special bond with this city, something more precious. It responds to my mood. It comforts me, it elates me, it calms me.

Right now, I want to concentrate. I want to appreciate the fact that I was able to be here. Be thankful, because if it wasn’t for the people who encouraged me to apply, cheered for me all the way long, listened to my rants and nonsensical fears, I’d still be in Italy, wondering if I could have made it.
Even if I’m sad, if I feel lonely, if I miss people.

I want to see as much as possible of this city. I’ve also made plans to visit a couple places – possibly Luxembourg and Stuttgart. Apart from those though, I want to keep my eyes open, absorb the images. I can’t count the times I’ve told myself: “This, look at this, because I want to remember it for my whole life”.

And, well, in all this, I need to try to forget that I only have less than two months left in here. It’s scary, really scary.

One thought on “Strasbourg knows better

  1. Well, now that I've read all your posts, I feel like the world wrost friend at all!!
    (continuerò questo post in Italiano poiché anche io, come il francese medio, ritengo che il mio inglese non sia abbastanza perfetto per parlarlo/scriverlo [leggasi, “il mio inglese fa proprio schifo])
    Caspita, non avevo idea di quanto fosse stata dura per te questa trasferta, ma sono davvero contenta nel vedere che alla fine ti sei ambientata 🙂
    Sinceramente, non ho mai avuto dubbi sul fatto che anche questa tua impresa si rivelasse un successo… un po' come tutte le cose che fai!
    Un bacio!

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