Slightly worried

So. I think the fun is over here in Strasbourg: my Egyptology paper (and presentation in front of the whole class. In French!) is due in less than two weeks. May I freak out now, or wait till the last days? I even like the subject – it’s only, it’s really, really difficult. Especially for someone who knows as little as it’s humanly possible about greek Egypt. Argh. I can already see myself standing in front of a dozen young egyptologists and a very critic teacher, with no answer whatsoever to their questions. To complicate things even more, said teacher is perfectly convinced that I know lots of stuff I actually don’t.

To complicate things even more: I can’t find the books I need for this paper; I have more papyri to translate for next Tuesday – plus a greek piece of literature/philosophy; all my exams will probably be in the same week in December; studying the french translation of a greek text is much harder than translating it into french, I found out; temperatures are dropping again, so jogging may be out of question again soon; I have bought cookies today (delicious 100% organic chocolate cookies!); the girl who was supposed to host me in Basel at the end of the month emailed me to tell me she can’t anymore; they’ve cooked some weird fried fish for dinner in my building tonight, and it reeks; I’ll have to study for a couple more hours tonight; my room is a mess.

Thank God for those cookies.

*edit: my room is not a mess any longer and I got a shower… but upon getting out of my room, I found out they somehow managed to burn the fish while frying it. The whole floor smells like rubbish!*


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