Poulet aux prunes

…no, this is not a post about food, as surprising as that may sound. This post is about a movie!
(But please note that I wanted to post about food. Only, when I got to the bakery to buy lunch and take a few pictures, they were extremely unpolite, sold me a sandwich made with stale bread, and told me I couldn’t take any pictures. They’ve lost a customer. Tsk)

Today, I went to see Poulet aux prunes with E.

I’m not usually a movie-goer, but I had heard great things about this film, I was in need of some relaxation and I felt rather content with my ten hours of study today, so I decided to go. I had already seen Persepolis which was, just like Poulet aux prunes, adapted from a comics book by Marjane Satrapi, and absolutely loved it.
Poulet aux prunes is a beautiful love story, and the story of a life. It made me sad, it made me happy, it made me laugh, it made my think. I’m not a critic so I’ll not go much further than that (and I don’t want to spoiler anything!) but the story and actors didn’t disappoint me the slightest bit.
The cinema was huuuuge. Like, a thirty-screen multiplex (really close to the campus). The seats were confortable. And there were just half a dozen other spectators with us. So, really, I enjoyed it. We also got to see a couple trailers that look interesting – I’d post them for you but I can’t find them on youtube.

The best part, though, weren’t the movie itself or the trailers or the seat. It was how much I rejoiced, being there and watching a movie in french with no subtitles. About one month before coming here, I asked a dear friend to borrow me some french movies on DVD so that I could practice my oral comprehension of the language. Results were a bit discouraging. I blamed the fact that actors talk funny in movies, but truely, it was me.
The same me that understood the whole film, needing to turn to E. for just a handful words. And I realized: I love languages. Languages are fun! I was to learn more.

PS: tomorrow is a holiday in France, but I’m actually excited to be back in the library next Monday to work some more on my Egyptology paper. This is turning out pretty darn good, if I say so myself. I’m crazy, aren’t I?


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