For the sake of sanity

I am one happy fox girl.

(…what? I find it adorable!)
Today was sanity day! Which means that from yesterday at 7 pm until tomorrow at 8 am I’m not allowed to open any textbook, powerpoint presentation or papyri photobook. Seriously, it’s a good thing I made rules. I was tempted to study justalittlebit tonight…

I woke up at 9 am. No alarm clock, and when my noisy neighbour slammed the door, I just turned the other side and kept sleeping. It was glorious. After my first activity (the archeological museum, that will have its own post… but don’t expect anything special), I just wandered around the city centre, where they’re all very busy decorating before November 25th, the date that will mark the beginning of the Christmas markets and the festivities in general.

It’s still all very much unfinished, but it looks amazing! I’m sure I’ll be sorry to have to study through almost all of December. I love Christmas! I’m also pretty positive that if I can get sick of Christmas, this will be the year: it’ll be everywhere, all the time!

I didn’t realize how big of a business it is for Strasbourg up until today. There are 12 (twelve!) different Christmas markets in the city, all day long for 31 days. Huge street lights are already hanging in pretty much every street of the city, even though they’re haven’t switched them on so far. The main squares in the city will be completely covered with markets or other stuff related to Christmas. Every single shop has Christmas decoration items – or at least Christmas advertisements! And the city was more crowded than any of the last weekends… even though the festivities haven’t even begun! A guy who grew up in the city told me it’s virtually impossible to move in the crowd in the city centre in December. I’m guessing using my bike will be out of the question. (As a side note, I’ve been able to keep using my bike to move to and from the university! It’s been such a dry month!)

After some walking and fresh air, I headed to the mall. And since it was self-love day, I got a way overpriced organic vanilla orange peach smoothie. I know, it looks horrible… but it tasted really good!

A smoothie maker/blender may be an addition to my kitchen in the (not so near) future, if I can find one that doesn’t cost too much. Smoothie prices are ridiculous! And I’m sure I’d use it a lot.
Obviously, in the mall Christmas was even more present than outside.

…in some shops more than the others. See the small Christmas tree on the table on the left? I’m thinking of getting one. It’s just a couple wook structures pout together, it doesn’t weigh much, it’s cheap, I can personalise it and it’s easy to store… and it’s perfect for my tiny apartment!

Well, this I didn’t really understand.
I spent a couple hours at the mall and didn’t find what I came for – a nice, warm cardigan. French fashion is all about armless cardigans this year; most are aweful and I couldn’t get myself to buy one of the good ones anyway because I’m sure I’ll freeze!
By 3 pm it was too crowdy to stand. It was filled with tween girls wearing more makeup that I ever had in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that, but maybe it’s just me.

That must be because I’m a 5 year old at heart… I could have spent the afternoon watching them decorating the huge sapin de Noel.
And staring at useless, wonderful stuff at Alice Délice. Ehm!

It was good to walk around, to enjoy the fresh air, to see the city during the day again. I needed this all! And I’m (more or less) ready to get back to the books tomorrow.

But before that, I have a couple more hours to spend with recipe magazines and just lying on the bed doing nothing… and watching the new trailer for The Hunger Games movie for the 1078th time.


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