More about Luzern

Luzern is beautiful. Not in the way cities might usually be beautiful for me – museums, palaces, gardens… it’s just beautiful in itself. One of those cities you simply want to walk through – and that’s exactly what we did! Maybe it contributed to how much I appreciated it because other places I think of that way are Strasbourg and Stockholm… two of my favourite cities in the world!
Back to saturday: I was so eager to be there with my friends. It was a crispy morning with vivid colours and I started taking pictures directly from the train.

Our hostel was a few meters away from this cute little alley:

And from the very beginning it was clear that Luzern too was getting ready for Christmas. The “real” markets weren’t there yet, and the ones that were I found pretty cheap (so no pictures).

I was so happy to see everybody! So many people that it was hard to keep up conversation with everybody, but I did my best to try and spend some time with each and every one.

(^this picture cracks me up. The best confused faces ever!)
We had some trouble finding a place to have lunch at that could please everyone, but in the end we went to a bakery where I got a pumpkin soup that was good but included some kind of dark green disgusting oil that I tried to eat around.Yeesh. That’s the problem with swiss food: they don’t know good fats!

Saturday afternoon was dedicated to the Jardin de Glaciers / Gletschergarten. I’m so glad we went because it was so good! All of us agreed to visit and everybody had fun. I love my friends.

The first part was a geology museum with some activity to enjoy.

The second part though was what really got the 5-years-olds in us to life! It’s a labyrinth with mirrors and weird lights.

And once outside, we had all kinds of weird mirrors.

One thing that Luzern had and we loved was Starbucks. I’m not a huge fan of overpriced lattes and sugar-coma-inducing slice of cakes, but we don’t have it in Italy, and it was cold outside, and they had special Christmas themed stuff… really, it couldn’t be helped. We even went back the day after!

After we checked in at the hostel, it was late enough to have dinner. We had reserved a table at a lebanese restaurant! Nobody among us had ever tried it and it gained various degrees of consent. As for me, I really loved it and recommend it: it’s called Tassnim Orient and it’s in Zurichstrasse, not too far from the centre. The hummus was the best – with pomegranate.

They even offered us mint tea afterwards! It was perfect. The only problem was that the waiter couldn’t speak any English, so we had to resort to my really weak German.

After dinner, we just wandered around town. This was definitely the best part of the vacation! It was too cold for my taste but I loved seeing the almost-empty city, snapping away (and experimenting with manual focus, thanks to Manuelsan) and just enjoy the night.

(^ love love love this shot)

I don’t have many pictures from the following day. I had so much fun on saturday that my camera batteries were almost dead on sunday, but I still managed to take a picture of breakfast (there’s always room for food… in many ways).

All in all, I’m happy I visited Luzern, and not just because I was there with people I love so much. I feel a bit sad that my next destinations (the week before I leave – which isn’t so far anymore!) I will visit alone. I’m already excited about going to Lisbon with some of my friends next march!
I hope you enjoyed the photos and they weren’t too many! Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “More about Luzern

  1. Anna, I read your post and watched your pictures with great pleasure! Photos with mirrors are so funny! 🙂 And I'm glad that you met with your friends. Take care my dear.

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