A first look at the Christmas markets

Christmas is so near! I don’t know myself how I feel about it. But one thing’s sure, it’s not going to be a long time before I go home.

(I find this song hilarious in french!)
I took advantage of the day to visit one more museum and the Christmas markets. The museum was the Musée Tomi Ungerer, in Place Republique and dedicated to a local illustrator.

I really love it! It was well done, in a beautiful villa, the spaces were modern and clean and bright, and it was all well organized. The only thing I feel like ranting about is: it was too small! I wished there were more rooms! Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum.
After that, my plans were to visit the Christmas markets. I thought since it was just 11 am (and they open from 10 am) it wouldn’t be much crowded. Damn was I wrong! I couldn’t almost move! I only ended visiting the market in Place Broglie in the couple hours I spent there, before I headed back to la Robertsau. It had started raining by that time and it seems like it won’t stop any soon – if not to turn into snow…

Anyway, the markets are huge. There’s so much stuff, decorations, lights, clothing, food. Of course the food was the most remarkable to me! 

The only music in the square was made by these guys. It was really weird to be in a french city, surrounded by german food, while listening to native american music. But why not? Strasbourg is international by its own nature.

On to the food!

It took all my willpower but I managed to find the healthiest option:

Chocolate covered fruit.

But it wasn’t easy!
I can’t wait till I get there, for my next sanity day next week. I plan to spend much more time there and take a few pictures by night.

I came back to my room and found this on the window sill on my floor. Too cute!


One thought on “A first look at the Christmas markets

  1. Oggi lascio nelle mani del buon Emme il regalo di Natale mio e di Silvia 🙂 te lo dico perché se poi non lo trovi è colpa di Emme :p


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