The day Menander got out of my life

Say hello to Menander:
Say goodbye to Menander!
(I have a killer haedache, but the class is done – and well, I believe! yay!)
Since I basically tortured every single one of you with endless ranting about this paper, I thought I’d let you know that I presented it yesterday! A., my partner, was wonderful and did everything to help me not being nervous (we rehearsed and I kept looking at the papers in my hands – big mistakes – and hesitating while speaking. But the real thing went my better, I think).
We presented lots of stuff and I think the professor was pretty happy with what I did. He’s usually one to make lots of remarks (in a kind, constructive way, but nonetheless…) but yesterday he just concluded by thanking us and telling us it was good. This alone is a huge accomplishment! He also praised our method to present our subject (it was quite difficult because we had to show stuff in greek and coptic to people who knew only one or neither).
The funniest things of it all? We had another teacher of the Université de Strasbourg following our presentation by skype, since she considered it so interesting. She too didn’t have bad big things to say about it all. Victory! I still have to hand in a paper (a very short one, and I’ve already done all of my research) but then I’m done with this class!
And since I’m a huge nerd, can I also show you this hilarious image? I already posted it on facebook, but the more people see it, the happier I’ll be. It’s that good.

Have a nice day!


One thought on “The day Menander got out of my life

  1. yeee! evviva! let's celebrate! non che avessi dubbi sul tuo successo, diciamoci la verità… ma il drago nerd è troppo bello *-*

    inoltre, io forse sabato vado a luzern… ed è anche merito del tuo precedente post e delle tue bellissime foto!

    un bacione


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