A little ice

It rained for the last full week.
Then today I woke up to a shy sun and white grass. Sure, this is the forecast for the next week:

But on the following, we might have some snow. I’m trying not to hope too hard…

Today, I just enjoyed the cold but beautiful weather.

The morning was spent doing laundry and studying…

Finals start on Tuesday at 10 am. God am I scared. They’re so many, even though smaller, so I feel like I’m in high school all over again… only, I don’t have a whole year of tests to make up for the ones I may fail. I don’t want to have to retake classes back home!
Once lunchtime came, I went to buy a few Christmas gifts and a swimsuit. What? Yes. I’m going to have a
spa day next Saturday! A few friends are coming with me to Baden Baden (Germany), less than one hour away, because we got all so sad when we realized it could be the last time we saw each other.

Anyway, the interesting fact is that while buying socks at the mall, I was offered a fidelity card for that shop. «No, thanks» I replied «I’m going back home to Italy in two weeks.» «Oh» said the shopping assistant, quite surprised «then you speak very good french!». Now, it’s not just the compliment in itself. Back in early September, I went to that very shop and met that very shopping assistant (even though she didn’t remember, I’m sure). Back then she corrected my french (in a friendly but still annoying way). Today, she complimented me! This only reinforces the idea that what I’ve done here was good, and that my experience is complete.
So, while I’m still feeling nervous about my finals, I’m happy. Whatever comes this week, I know the last four months weren’t a loss of time.

(Now, wish me good luck!)


One thought on “A little ice

  1. Anna, I'm proud of you and wish you good luck!
    PS. We have a real Russian winter now, and drifts of snow! Finally, I'll send you photos tomorrow.

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