Finals are OVER! And plans for my last week in Strasbourg

Yes! Finals are over! I thought the weekend would never come. And honestly – I think the majority of them went pretty well, with the notable exception of a single tragedy (but I’m trying to wait and see the final results before any extreme reaction).
Let me say, exams are weird here. They focus a lot on methodology, so you don’t have to learn as much as for italian exams, but you have to present it in a neat, tidy way, either by writing a small essay or by speaking for a whole 25 minutes while the professor never stops you (but looks at you with its best annoyed, bored eyes). You usually have another 20 minutes to prepare if the exam’s oral. It’s so different from our long, fractioned exams with dozens of questions, but I have to admit it’s more fun. Once you really master a subject, it’s really something to be asked to build up a short consistent speech.

Anyway. The current situation leaves me with a week before family comes (on the 23th). I still have to write a couple papers before December ends, but I’ve already started and I feel rather confident I can finish them without too much effort. So here are my (still very uncertain) plans for the next seven days!

Saturday 17: spa time with friends in Baden Baden, Germany!
Sunday 18: maybe travelling to Basel, Switzerland, to see two or three museums (not kidding, I’ve been told they’re amazing!)
Monday 19: take some pictures (we’ll hopefully have a little snow), dinner at some friends’
Tuesday 20: going to a lecture about alsatian Christmas traditions with E.; maybe visiting the Christmas markets with a few friends come nighttime
Wednesday 21: whole day at A.’s to help each other with Egyptology papers
Thursday 22: wander around suddenly realizing I only have a few hours left in Strasbourg; maybe just pretending I don’t care and visiting Stuttgart, Germany, or Obernai, Alsace
Friday 23: family is here! Christmas markets, alsatian dinner
Saturday 24: actually going home. For good (but stopping to see Riquewihr Christmas markets on the way!)

It sounds pretty good. In all this I’d also like to fit: a visit to the Musée Historique, some food shopping, climbing up to the cathedral top, seeing the Parc des Pourtalés, going to Kehl once again. Will I be able to do all this?
Off to do some (much needed!) cleaning!


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