Not you, don’t worry

[I was having dinner in a nice pub Thursday evening, after two – two – exams and a lot of papyrology. I was there with a couple friends, C. from Paris and M. from Luxembourg, and discussing clichés.]

M. – So, sure, They say all people in Luxembourg are very rich and so on…
C. – Oh, and Italians talk loud and fast! But this is true, not a cliché.
me – …you say so? (perplexed)
C. – Yeah, haven’t you noticed that guy… and then once…
me – Wait, does that mean I too yell and talk too fast?
C. – No… you, you’re… acceptable.
me – Well, that’s a relief. Thanks. Wait, what?

I wish I started to spend time with these two earlier this semester, because I sure had a good time.


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