Baden Baden’s Thermen

Baden Baden was pretty good!
(credits: one, two and three)
I spent a lovely afternoon there with three friends (who as usual shall not be named or pictured). While there aren’t many pools, there are different funny saunas (different temperatures, materials burning, smells). I like that! The pools are nice but I appreciated the new experience even more: I actually didn’t think I would like sauna at all (having low blood pressure and all). Actually, I felt so good after a bit of sauna and a shower! Renewed, really. It was exactly what I needed after a long week of exams.
I have to say I hardly realized we had crossed the border to Germany. My friends were all french and I guess they get a lot of tourism from France in general because I hardly heard any german around the place… I’ve also been told that the French use Baden Baden airport quite often (Strasbourg’s airport is tiny!)
We bathed, we saunaed (…what?), we talk, we laughed, we had fun. After the spa, we took a walk around the town, which was heavily decorated for Christmas. It’s true, this usually quite environmentally-sensible girl has a soft spot for Christmas lights…
This is the spa complex itself:
And around town:
(look at this relaxed, finals-are-a-thing-of-the-past, sauna-was-fun-can-we-do-that-again face!)
After that, we got back to Strasbourg where we found a lot of traffic. I said before that the Christmas markets are a big deal here, but yesterday was seriously hard to find a restaurant to eat at without a reservation. We ended up in a funny alsacian-libanese place!
I think I still have some lost sleep to catch up on. Going to read a bit in bed and then shut the lights!

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