Getting ready for a goodbye

I don’t know why I should be sad.

Over the last five days, I’ve been showered with love by the friends I made here. A group of them brought me to spas in Germany, invited me over for dinner, agreed to walk for hours in the freezing cold to show me the Christmas markets. E. met me for a flammekueche yesterday night, shared girl talk and gave me a petit beurre cookbook as a Christmas gift. A. hosted me for a day of papyri and a raclette. The people I’ve listed here are the ones I’ll always remember.

Of course I feel sad I have to leave them. But I thought and thought and thought, and I realized I prefer to be grateful that I met them in the first place than regret I have to leave them. I am so lucky. I am fully conscient that with my crappy attitude towards people I could have easily spent the whole semester alone, but once again I met people who made me happy.

I only have two full days left in Strasbourg. I don’t think I’ll cry. I’ll cherish the memories from this autumn forever. And maybe I’ll occasionally come back.

Strasbourg revealed me things about myself I would have never imagined. Made me try out new things. Taught me how much I love my friends back home. Even gave me a few hours of snow as a goodbye present. Now my time here has come to an end. I have a loving family that will be happy to have me back. I have my old life to pick up again, desserts to bake, trains to take; but among the desserts there’ll be madeleines and chouquettes, and on my way to Milan I’ll think of how much I loved my bike rides to school.

Merci, Strasbourg. Maybe I’ll shed just a tear.


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