Today, I travelled inside Strasbourg. I took the tram at Robertsau Boecklin at travelled all the way, the whole line E until Baggersee. In the rain. Looking outside, filling my eyes with the city I’m leaving.
I know I had promised a trip to Stuttgart and one to Basel, but I just couldn’t do it. Leaving Strasbourg felt wrong, and I didn’t dare.
Actually, I’m happy I didn’t. I can always visit those places in the coming years.

Uh, I also ate a slice of flan nature from my favourite Robertsau bakery.

I then wandered for about three hours, without a destination.

I discovered some little places I had never seen.

And when the rain and cold were just too much, I hid inside the Musée Historique and enjoyed the place. It was good. It was quiet, interesting, I loved it. I don’t know why I heard so many bad opinions about it, i loved it.

They even had a fun hat for me to wear!

The temporary exhibition was about masonry in Strasbourg and was really well made! I was frowned upon for taking pictures, so if you don’t hear from me anymore, you know why… they’re angry.


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