It’s the small things

The small things I’ll always miss:

  • the way the crows sing above my head when I pass along the Orangerie park early in the morning or late in the evening on my bike
  • the rough, simple sound of bells tolling downtown
  • the funny music you hear on the trams before every stop (it’s different for every one)
  • the way my historical linguistics teacher refers to the past as the time “quand j’étais jeune et beau, maintenant j’n’suis que beau” (“when I was young and handsome, now I’m just handsome”)
  • the way my papirology professor say “où ça?” (“where would that be?”) and “qui dit mieux?” (“who can read this better?”) when we read a papyrus all together
  • seeing the jew families with the white-clad little girls on saturday mornings.
  • the clear sunsets – yellow on blue and black – from my window
  • my classmates smiling at me when I pass by them in the Archaeology library, on my way to my favourite table
  • some people’s laugh, some people’s smiles, some people’s shrugging
  • cascades of Christmas lights in every direction
  • the lazy times in the cookbooks section at Librairie Kléber
  • finally knowing every detail of my bike ride to school (and stop risking my life)
  • Prunelle et Filou
  • the bonjour of my floor’s maid at the residence
  • studying cuddled on the Portique library sofas
Actually, so many things I cannot list them all. I’m currently in the hotel we’ll be staying at tonight, and already missing Strasbourg.

One thought on “It’s the small things

  1. ma oh *-* per fortuna hai detto che continuerai con il blog, mi sarebbe mancato troppo leggerti! questa lista mi ha fatto venire nostalgia… il tuo autunno francese deve essere stato davvero meraviglioso!

    un bacione


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