What’s next?

I love blogging. All over the past four months, sitting in front of my netbook, editing pictures and pouring out my heart has been fun, insightful and relaxing.
I used to have a blog before La Boîte à cannelle. It was called Lily Hue and it let me enter the world of healthy living / healthy cooking / cooking in general that I love so much and whose community I keep following even after closing that blog (because I didn’t have much time, because it lost its original purpose). I won’t hide this from you: this blog was an erasmus blog, but still I had bigger plans from the beginning. I wanted a recipe blog, and I still do.
And why not? I love cooking. I love sharing recipes. I love discovering new ones and creating my owns. I have known italian, french and alsatian cuisine and get to know more about american and other cuisines every day. I might as well jump on the wagon and see how it goes.
So, if you come back, you’ll find some musing from yours truely, some recipes, some restaurant reviews… but not immediately. I’m thinking about some weeks of rest, during which I might or might not post. In the meanwhile, I’ll be thinking about the blog and what I want it to be like.

This is going to be so much fun.


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