Why this blog

As scary as that is, I just purchased my one way ticket to London.
I fly out in a little more than seven weeks.
I am psyched. But also scared.




This is the place I’m probably going to see most days for the next three years (source).

While doing my semester abroad in Strasbourg, I had lots of fun keeping a blog. It was a nice, easy way to keep friends and family updated while also keeping track of what I was doing, whom I was meeting, and how my life was changing. Looks like it is even more of a necessity now! I will be encouraged to take pictures, and it’ll be sweet (and sour) to look back at them once this whole PhD thing is over. Not that I can even think about that right now…


Hard to believe this is the third country I’m going to live in.

Harder to believe I’m going to live in the city I fell in love with at the age of 18 (but doesn’t everyone fall in love with London in their teenage years?).

Hardest to believe, in less than two months I’ll be packing my life in two suitcases.


I’ll probably start posting regularly in late September. See you then!


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