First day in London

It’s been a bit more than 24 hours in London now and I’ve surprised myself with feeling quite at home here. img_0094-copia

I spent a beautiful day Saturday, at Sacro Monte di Varese. I soaked up on family quality time in the past weeks. I have submitted everything that I needed to before leaving(whew). I left Milan yesterday bringing with a few things with me – 35 kg of stuff, 1.5 kg of cheese, the awareness that I’m deeply loved and a sense of accomplishment from everything I’ve done in the past year. I can only hope 2014 is as intense.

Today I have had my first day of Induction Week and so far so good. I’ve met some really cool people and seen a few buildings of UAL. I’ve had more than once the impression that I can fall in love with this city (although, to be utterly honest, it reeks of decomposing corpse sometimes).
I now have a student card and ID (yay!), but no housing, no bank account and no permanent travel card. Everything should be settle down in a week though. In the meantime, I’m enjoying being this calm and confident in the next three years. I’m also enjoying getting to know what people actually research  in arts universities (cue:road trips. Identity in the social medias. And taxidermy. Eh!)


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