No longer homeless

Surprisingly good news: we found a flat!

Nice to sweet you

How incredible is it that it only took us two days to find one we like? It’s in a nice, quiet street with plenty of services and shops nearby, and it’s less expensive than I was actually ready for (not that it’s cheap, but yet). It’s quite old, completed carpeted (gah), but sooooo nice. Very white and very empty. Very London-ish to me.

I’m feeling much much better now. We move in on Thursday, so that day we’ll probably have to get beddings then, along with a few things for the kitchen, a hoover… regular stuff. We plan to decorate vastly. I also want a small bookcase because I plan to buy books, lots of them (I get the small room though. I am an amazing flatmate aren’t I). Oh, and our street has a beautiful name although I don’t really feel like disclosing it online.

Today I also got my first British fog, which I loved. Fog reminds me of home, of the place where I was born and the place where my mom was born. (It also reminds me of some mornings in Strasbourg in October.) This pic was taken by Tim.


Sooo I’ll probably have to wait a bit for my phone number and bank account but so much more seems settled. I also start my Modern Greek A1 course tomorrow! I lucked out and got a place at the Hellenic Centre although they started last week with the courses.

Tomorrow it’s induction day so I get to meet the people from the research centres at uni which is super cool. I’m so busy that there’s not much time to get worried about anything – I wonder if it’ll catch up with me later!
And there’s paella for dinner tonight.
Everything’s looking fine.


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