The flat, naked

It has now been around 36 hours in the new flat and although I haven’t spent much time in it, I already love it. I slept super well these two nights and waking up in my (big) bed makes me feel extremely lucky that I found such a nice place in so little time. I’m getting used to the buses (which I normally hate) and plan to explore a bit around tomorrow.
I know people at home can’t wait for the pics so here come a few (this post is a bit picture-heavy, please bear with me).
I am especially in love with the cream-painted walls (bare and ready to be decorated) and most importantly with the bow window and the armchairs! They’re so cozy and pretty. The view from the window is just plain beautiful with the little houses, and the one from my room looks just as nice to me.
It might not be clear from the pictures but the bedrooms are unexpectedly big (and I got the smaller one. But it has bookshelves. Ah.) (you’ll notice the shelves are not in great shape – the landlord’ll replace them soon).
I am still in the process of filling up the fridge (and yes, the fridge stands proudly in the corridor), which now contains soups, carrots, spinaches and yogurts only.
casa_undec (1)casa_undec (2)

casa_undec (3)

casa_undec (4)

casa_undec (5)

casa_undec (6)casa_undec (7)

casa_undec (8)

casa_undec (11)

casa_undec (9)

Oh, and one more photo, because this piece of art of a carpet pattern deserves to be fully appreciated.casa_undec (10)


PS: Mom, in case you’re wondering, I DID clean up the windows after taking these pictures. Don’t worry.



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