101 Things in 1000-something Days

I have now been at work for a couple days and my current task consists of reading reading reading planning reading re-reading re-planning. I had a couple very confusing days where I was running from library to library and not really sure about was I was doing, but I then had a suck-it-up moment yesterday night and was finally able to come up with a first draft of a plan for the next few months – and got loaded on stuff to read.


In the meantime, there’s something I’ve been thinking of doing and about which I’m really excited: I’m doing a 101 things project. This kind of thing is quite popular on the internet so you’ll probably know what it’s like, but basically – you commit to doing 101 things (which you’ve never done, are typical to a place or activity, as might be a PhD, or would be ‘special’ in a way this time around) in (usually) 1001 days. In my case, a PhD is just a bit longer than that amount of time.

I have different kind of things – food, places, PhD-related goals, London-related stuff… I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to complete it, but why not try? It definitely looks fun. You’ll see that my first goal is one of the biggest – visit 101 museums. I’m in one of the most museum-packed cities in the world and want to take advantage of it.
This project will also help me not neglect the blog, which I’m sure I’d regret later on.

So, without further ado, here’s the link! And I’ll list the museums I list over here. I’ll add museum names and cross things off the list with time… I might forget about some of them so if I do please remind me!

(Oh, unrelated news: we got a vacuum cleaner. Very excited about that as well.)


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