London through my lens: Notting Hill by night

notting_hill (1)This week has been crazy and there’s no end in sight. I got an email last night that basically said: mh, that relaxing Sunday you’d planned? NO way. But I was lucky enough that yesterday night Tim had decided to welcome me to London with a live show, so as tired as I was, by 7 pm we were around wandering in Notting Hill waiting for the gates to open and Zola Jesus to start singing.

notting_hill (2)It was a lovely night, and I loved exploring. I am falling more and more in love with this city each step I take… and there’s plenty of possibilities to practice my photography skills, which is definitely needed.notting_hill (3) notting_hill (4) notting_hill (5) notting_hill (7) notting_hill (8)

The concert was beautiful and honestly much better than I expected. What I usually can’t stand about live shows is the crowd and long waiting times. This wasn’t the case. Zola Jesus is a bit on the underground side, so no more than 300 people attended – some pretty quirky and funny, I must say. She herself stepped down the stage to sing among us and I was able to snap a couple more pictures that I love.zola (1) zola (2) zola (3) zola (4)Plans for the weekend are pretty much work-work-work, but I should be able to fit in a quick trip to a Farmers’ Market. Crossing my fingers!


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