This past week

rain (1)

I’ve been very quiet this week, which is easily explainable by how busy I have been. I trust it’ll be easier once I get used to my new routines, but for the time being, I just drop into my bed every evening. I was able to sleep for almost 11 hours on Wednesday night, which I believe tells you something about how exhausted I get!

Here are a few thingsthat happened this week:

  • I met my supervisor for the first time since beginning my degree. It made even more sure I’ve made the best possible choice. I can learn so much during the next three years. I’m just so happy.
  • Started collecting notes about things I’ll need to do, places I’ll need to go, grants I’ll need to apply to. Read quite a few of articles and books.
  • Got a couple books that’ll supposedly help me with my reading proficiency in German. One focuses on vocabulary, the other on text comprehension; I figure I don’t really need any more courses for academic purposes, but I do need to improve my skills to be able to read texts comfortably.
  • Had to buy a new laptop. The one I had before, I loved; but its battery started not charghing in some libraries (no bueno) and it was painstakingly slow. So I-m now writing this post from my new Asus, which I’m still trying to get used to. I named it Berthe, like one of the very first bookbinding historians worldwide (Berthe van Regemorter).
  • Got the money from my scholarship. But not really. They wrote me a check, but I won’tbe able to use the money for another week. Hate this.
  • Got a British Library card! This was a real challenge. I had to get an emergency bank statement mailed to me in order to be able to register!
  • Autumn finally hit. It’s been raining for the past couple days and while it’s not that cold, the wind is chilly. I’m hating it, but either I dig a tunnel to get from home to the libraries and university, or I get used to it. I’m afraid I’m coming up with a sore throat though…
  • Ate a load of cookies. Way too many.
  • Made a plan of the exhibitions I want to see in the next weeks. I hope I’ll be able to visit one museum during the weekend but I have lots of stuff to do for work so I’m not sure I’ll be able to!rain (2)

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