Like in Up

You know that movie, Up, by Pixar? I never saw it when it came out but apparently the rest of the world did and has been crazy in love ever since. So much that Tim has been bugging me for two weeks – since we moved in – to take pictures inspired by the one of the movie’s scenes. So today we did:

up (10)And here’s the scene from the movie, in case you’re as uninformed as I am:

03_PixarUp_EdwardEllie1 (1)


It is so much fun to share a flat with someone who’ll not only accept to be photographed but will also want to learn how to snap a few pics.

up (9) upup up (8)

It was so nice to take a few hours off. Remember how I mentioned buying a new laptop in my last post? Well, when I came home yesterday night, I switch it off and it gave me a nice error message. I had to bring it back to the store this morning, hoping to get a new one. No such luck. The lady at the customer service desk wasn’t going to give me a new one unless all other possibilities had been explored. She tried to switch it on, talked to her supervisor, called technical support, looked up something on her PC, then came to me and sighed: you will have to come in again on Monday morning, tech support is not available during the weekend.
Long story short, they’re going to try and reboot it on Monday and only if they can’t, I’m getting a new one. Either way, I feel like they’re trying to screw me, and I was terribly pissed off.
(If you’re wondering how I’m writing this post, my old laptop is managing to stay on long enough. God bless this poor thing.)

To take my mind off this stuff, I agreed to go on a walk in Camden Town. Can you believe I had never been there?

up (4) up (5) up (3) up (2)


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