It’s all Greek to me

I was out of town yesterday for a very special event: a performance in Ancient Greek at Cambridge Arts Theatre. Cambridge was also on my 101 Things list, so I gladly purchased the ticket (I was actually supposed to go with Tim and Elisabetta who had to cancel at the last minute).

Cambridge is lovely. It is very well known that I actually have no love for huge cities (the main reason why London is a challenge to me, I would say) (no wait, the main reason is that food here is disgusting) and that I have a soft spot for university places, so walking around Cambridge really was a beautiful experience to me. The red bricks buildings, the old churches, the Corpus Christi College, the nicest pubs ever (filled to the brim), the water, the bikes, students everywhere. I almost regretted not applying to do research in Cambridge (which I considered, a few months ago, before giving up because the project I was interested in wouldn’t be so close to my interests as the one I’m in now).





Oh, and apparently Cambridge loves chocolate.
I only got there around 4 pm (missed my previous train by a minute) so when I got to the Fitzwilliam Museum it was about to close. The conversation between me and the guy at the reception went somewhat along these lines:
– Madam, we’re closing in ten minutes.
– (trying not to look too disappointed) Oh. It’s late, I realize that. Thank you anyway.
– (smiling) Well it’ not too late for a ten minutes visit.
See? I just love museum people. They have a special gene. I want want want to end up working in a museum.
So, admission was free and I spent ten minutes walking around their temporary exhibition about African combs (I plan to/need to come back at some point for my research anyway since they have some ancient books I will have to see).
The rest of the evening was spent strolling around, while it rained on and off.

IMG_1083 IMG_1142 IMG_1104 IMG_1072 IMG_1056

The performance itself I enjoyed a lot. Apparently they do a Greek Play each year (which is super cool). I could even understand some parts by the end of it! They were performing a Prometheus Bound and The Frogs. The first one was honestly amazing. They gave up on metrics but didn’t use the Reuchlinian pronunciation, which I appreciated (sorry, I know this is a bit specific to most people). I felt most of the actors were really good and costumes were nice (especially Hermes’! He came out in a grey suit. Loved it). The Frogs was heavily revisited and I had more of a hard time loving it unconditionally, but the audience was clearly delighted.


Oh, and on the way back home on the tube, I chatted with an Italian family who’s spending their vacation here. So numbers 57 and 62 of the list are crossed!


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