Random stuff


  • I wasn’t affected by the storm very much. I was indoor during most of it and never even had problem with the electricity. You sweethearts don’t need to worry.
  • I’m giving a presentation for other PhD students tomorrow and I’m actually [almost] looking forward to it. People usually don’t know much about how manuscripts were made or why incunables are interesting, but they seem to be fascinated by bookbindings, so I think it might be interesting. I hope I won’t hear the dreaded question ‘So, what kind of artist are you?’.
  • I was approached by two women in the street today asking me if I spoke any Spanish/Portuguese; when I told them I didn’t, sorry (my terrible Spanish doesn’t count), they said ‘but you LOOK Spanish!’ (and I might add that the Brazilian community appears to be quite strong in my neighbourhood) They seemed very relieved when I confessed to being Italian. ‘Ohhhh, that’s why’. And they went their way.
  • I have to remember that the British Library staff in the Rare Books room is much louder than those in Humanities. I think I like the Humanities room better anyway; upper floor, thankyouverymuch.
  • Oh, and I can’t express how giggly it makes me every time the voice in the British Library elevator says: ‘Going… UP!’. Ah.
  • It’s only Tuesday and I have a killer headache, please tell me the weekend is not that far. I plan on joining a local library and a local gym and nothing more then. Maybe stuff my face silly at a food festival.
  • The Polish deli down the street has minestrone and pastina. I have not tried either yet but I’m overly confident they’ll be delicious and setting myself for being slapped in the face by reality. Hurray for utter delusion!

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