Still here, just busy

I now I have been MIA for a few days; I’m still here, just very busy! I have been working pretty much non-stop, only taking half a day off every week, and it finally backfired – I had to spend the day in bed and I’m feeling quite eeeww now. I even tried to get to work this morning and had to come home. Sigh. So now my plan is to try and rest for the evening, maybe work I bit tomorrow… even though I probably better not, since the upcoming week is going to be crazy with seminars and libraries and administrative stuff (and I only have Monday to Friday to do it all, since my parents are coming to visit me next weekend!).

So, what has been going on?

I have met my supervisors again. They are such supporting people. I always come out of their offices with a huge smile on my face! I have also met/got in touch with postdocs here in London. I really love that I can meet people from so many other universities, I would never have been able to do that in Italy.

My fellow doctoral students and me started planning the 1st year PhD exhibition that my university wants organized every year in early March. I am in charge for the booklet (catalogue) and I’ll probably also be doing a workshop! I wasn’t really happy at the idea but then last week presentation happened and I got such good feedback. One girl told me a couple days ago that she went to the British Museum and was looking at all the ancient books to see their bindings, which she never thought about doing before! It was so sweet. So yes, maybe someone else will be interested in the workshop, who knows.

I played dress up with Tim at the end of a terribly tiring day. Ah. Cracks me up every time.



didn’t find any time to get my gym or local library card. I’m beating myself up over it, but truly, I just need to go and do it.

I was suggested some more sources for PhD and added them to the list! Also, my long term goals for after the degree are constantly shifting. Now I want to do a post doc in Denmark. Last week I wanted to find a job and do one more Masters degree part time. The week before that I’d wanted to teach Italian abroad.
Truth is, I know perfectly well that no matter how many plans I make, I will never guess what I’ll be doing three years from now. At the same time, though, I know even better that I got here by making crazy plans and constantly revising them to see what I could and couldn’t accomplish. It is just how I go on. I try a bit of everything and in the end of those things turns out to be the good one. I don’t know how else anyone could go on really.

I tried Thai food and hated it. But I think it was just one really bad restaurant, which is now off my list.

I booked tickets to visit a dear friend in Germany in mid-january. It was very sudden but since I’m starting an Academic English class the following weekend, it was my only chance to visit her before Easter! Super excited.

So yes, I would say I still feel as happy and grateful as I did when I landed in Heathrow six weeks ago. Yesterday, when my co-supervisor asked me how it was going, I replied
– Really well. I am in love with this…
– London?
– My project.
And I really am. I know there’ll be times when I get sick thinking about seeing one more incunable, but right now, I want to read every book on printing and cultural identity in Renaissance Venice, I want to have dinner with Aldus Manutius, and I am planning a role-playing campaign set in Venice in 1508. Eh, and I work 50/55-hours weeks, but that’s fine. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.


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