A couple reasons to be excited

This. week. has. been. hellish.

Yet, there are two reasons why I’m dancing on my chair while reading a 1954 essay.

First off, I just fell in love with a Spanish man who died in 1575. (Wait. Ignore that one. Although Diego Hurtado de Mendoza was  a kickass scholar, politician/ambassador, soldier, collector of books.)

As I was saying, first off, my parents and brother are landing in London tomorrow! I planned some of the best food in London, a Thames cruise, some Christmas-lights-seeing and – of course – a museum.

Second reason why I’m super happy: I just got the news that I will start working as a volunteer at the British Museum later this month. If you’re wondering how this happened – back to late October: I applied for the Hands On Desk in the Roman Britain gallery, which apparently was very full, but they liked my profile so they asked if I’d be interested in being interviewed for the World of Money gallery. Of course I did! I only applied for Roman Britain originally because I thought it might be easier with my background, but I love the challenges this gallery might pose, like – people might feel it is underwhelming to see coins instead of the amazingness of a two-thousand-years old statue. Well, think again: it will be my job to show them how fascinating The World of Money can be!

What exactly is a Hands On Desk, you might be wondering. Well, it is a truly (almost) unique experience (very few museums worldwide offer it) for visitors to touch the objects in a specific collections. With their own hands. Under my careful supervision. Ah! It is a pioneering vision of museology, that of letting the visitor interact with the collections. I will be showing 4 or 5 objects each time, telling the visitors about them and then inviting them to touch the coins, banknotes and such. There are just no words to express how excited I am. Plus, having ‘The British Museum’ on one’s resume isn’t half bad.
I had my interview yesterday and I’m surprised they got back at me so quickly! Great. I was also afraid they might not be too happy about having me there, because – well, being the unsufferable killjoy I am, when they asked me to introduced an item to them as if they were visitors, I corrected the informations they had given me on a strip of paper about the object. Just couldn’t hold myself. Not my fault, the data were wrong! It was an Athenian coin from 400 BC and I have studied that stuff during my masters degree…


I promise I’ll try to bite my tongue next time something like this happens, but right now, I’m just too happy about this whole thing.
I start training on November 27!


2 thoughts on “A couple reasons to be excited

  1. Congratulazioni!!
    lavorare al British Museum dev’essere un’esperienza stimolante.. e fare il lavoro per cui si è studiato non ha prezzo. Congratulazioni, di nuovo!!

    1. Grazie 😀 a dirla proprio tutta questa é una posizione da volontaria, perché la mia professione al momento é il dottorato, non potrei rubarle troppe ore… ma chissá, un giorno…!
      Grazie di essere passata! 🙂

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