Meals with family

One more post to show you some meals I had with my family while they were visiting. I think they show you how much of a variety London can offer when it comes to eating out! (I stand my ground for what concerns supermarket food. Eww.)

First dinner: Czech food (pictured below: medovnik, i.e. honey cake)


Breakfast: Portuguese/Brazilian pastries. (Anybody knows what the round one’s called? It was topped with coconut. Lovely!)

family_nov (1)

Lunch: ostrich and springbok hamburgers. (Truth: while I’m not a a big fan of meat, especially red meat, ostrich was really good. Served with onions, lettuce, cheese and cranberry sauce)

family_nov (4)

Dinner: one of the best restaurants in London according to Tim and me, Banana Tree, serving food from Indochina (here: their amazing laksa soup, with noodles and coconut milk)


Interesting experiences, no doubt. Four different areas of the world, in food, in 24 hours. Where else!


2 thoughts on “Meals with family

  1. Non sono mai stata a Londra (non ancora, ma è in programma!) ma credo che una delle cose che la contraddistingua sia l’ambiente immensamente ricco e multiculturale, un vero e proprio melting-pot di culture, lingue, usanze e ovviamente cibo. Dev’essere incredibilmente stimolante vivere in un posto così!!

    1. Lo é sicuramente, in particolare il mio quartiere! E ci sono aspetti positivi e negativi… per esempio il cibo piuttosto vomitevole (leggi: kebab super unti) che si vede in certe vetrine!

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