Things {academics} say

People are hilarious.

I was at a conference today and I wanted to introduce myself to the two speakers (who by the way are amazing and inspiring individuals). She was very curious and supportive of my research project and was telling me how interesting she found it. And when she started telling him who I am and what I do, he took one look at me, one look at her, and said: I WANT CAKE.

And he went to the next room to have cake.


(Photo from this day)

(Super cool conference!)


5 thoughts on “Things {academics} say

  1. Almeno sai con cosa presentarti la prossima volta per attirare la sua attenzione… e lasciare un ricordo indelebile di te! 🙂

    1. Marti, dici che la via piú rapida per il cuore di un ricercatore é attraverso il suo stomaco? 😀 Non di sole fonti primarie vive l’uomo…
      (Ada Calliergi? Apperó 😉 )

      1. Già! hai presente lo sguardo di SMT di fronte ai biscottini…?
        (Non ti turbare, è solo un nick altisonante che uso da un po’ per dare una certa parvenza di me :P)

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