Quickest trip to Oxford ever

Ehhh, it’s been a long week. Wait, it is a long week, it’s not over yet, not even close.
But it had its highlight!

As in, today I was in Oxford for a couple hours. There was a seminar my supervisor suggested I attend, and he was so right, it was very interesting. My main regret is not being able to visit, because from what I’ve seen from the bus, that place is really, really beautiful.

I was blessed with a clear, sunny (and chilly) day. It would have made the perfect day off!

I did manage to visit the Divinity School (it was the quickest museum-ish thing I could find: just one room!) and snap a few pictures, anyway. It really makes me wish I coudl travel more (although I am sure I’ll get sick of travelling as well after a while – I’ll have to visit quite a few libraries later on!). I’m really happy that New College and the Bodleian Library are on my list of places to visit for my research.

oxford (1) oxford (2) oxford (3) oxford (4) oxford (5) oxford (6) oxford (7) oxford (8) oxford (9) oxford (10) oxford (11)


5 thoughts on “Quickest trip to Oxford ever

    1. Mi faccio stalkerare con molto piacere 😀 grazie, sei troppo gentile, la funzione principale di questo blog é costringermi a fare decine di foto in modo che tra tre anni non dica ‘ops! non ci ho pensato!’

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