Random stuff #2

  • As I was going home after a long day yesterday, I was pretty startled to hear a loud MERRY CHRISTMAS on the Baker Street station escalator; as I looked up and mumbled the greetings back, confused, a girl carrying a rather big Santa Claus statue asked me: What, you think it’s too early for Christmas celebrations? To which I had to shake my head and reply: NOPE, it’s never too soon. She then proceeded to high-five me and each of us went her own way.
  • I FLY HOME IN THREE WEEKS (and one day!)!!!
  • I’m in Oxford again tomorrow, and again, in a hurry. Annoyingoxford
  • A total of three people told me I lost weight over the last two weeks. Just in time to drown in Christmas cookies, I say
  • I’m taking more Modern Greek classes next term; my teacher will allow me to skip a level because the class is too slow for me. I think it’s going to be a challenge, but I’d feel like it’s a waste of time and money to go to class 2!
  • My email account at the University of Strasbourg is being deactivated in a few weeks. Very sad
  • I am very, very happy November is over. It was way too busy!

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