Countdown to the holidays

I know I have been very quiet!

1456096_10202779961969805_232359845_n - Copy

Life is, how do you say… intense. I got sick last Thursday, spent Friday and Saturday with a fever (stayed in bed), got slightly better by Monday, was out of the door on Tuesday mostly because I couldn’t take one more day indoor. I only got out on Sunday for a short trip to vote and buy a couple Christmas presents (still have to buy some!). The rest of the week, it has mostly been working like crazy to catch up, and then a couple lazy hours in our living room, laughing with Tim and relaxing in our armchairs (plus, eating like I haven’t seen food in a week).


I do laugh a lot, in this house! When my family visited, they were all about how happy and relaxed I looked compared to my semester abroad in France (they also insisted that I looked more ‘adult’, which I still strongly doubt!). But living with Tim in a flat I love and living in a tiny room in a student residence are obviously two very different things.


(Tim braids my hair every time he can). I also feel very, very ready to go home for Christmas. I can feel my energy levels are very low and I am anticipating cuddling, talking, catching up, playing role playing games (!), just not thinking about work for a few days in a row. Just watching TV and making fun of out favourite shows.
Last time I ‘got home for the holidays’, from Strasbourg, it was sweet and bitter, knowing I wouldn’t be going back to that tiny room; this time, I am getting back, on January 6, and staying in London quite a long time before I can visit home again, so I truely have no problems letting go and enjoying the time back home, soaking up on family love. Cooking! Seeing friends who live far away from home as well! Maybe reading a couple novels – not just paper after paper on the book trade in Venice (yeah, I know, how terrible!).

Basically, what I want to say is: I am in love with both my places. Neither feels completely like home; I call them both so. And happy about that.


2 thoughts on “Countdown to the holidays

  1. Anche io torno in Italia tra pochi giorni. Non vedo l’ora di riabbracciare tutti e di immergermi nell’atmosfera natalizia (che qui è inesistente). I regali devo ancora comprarli tutti… sono indietrissimo!!

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