GBK and Christmas shopping

15dec (2)

Aaaaand I’m done with Christmas shopping!

Today I took a true day off and went to see an exhibition (Art Under Attack at Tate Britain), completed my Christmas shopping and ate at GBK. They make really good burgers – you know I’m usually not a big fan but this was grass-fed beef, organic everything yadda yadda. It was SO good! I even had fries although fried food usually makes me sick – theirs didn’t!

15dec (4) 15dec (3)15dec (1) - Copy

15dec (5)

Then we went to Brick Lane and I loved it. It was all in all a great day! I wish I had had more time to explore around and definitely mean to do that when I’m back here after the holidays.

This last week looks scary: I have to meet my co-supervisor tomorrow, then an Italian academic, then a Christmas party with my PhD colleagues; a seminar on Tuesday, a workshop on Thursday and Friday. Then I’m heading hoooome. I hope I’ll be able to work hard in the next few days and enjoy guilt-free Christmas celebrations!

PS: I also randomly entered a bookshop and got myself a little present. I have meant to read The Pale King for a while!


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