Leukerbad 2013


Yesterday was spent in the mountains, in the Leukerbad spa (Switzerland), one of my family favourite destinations when it comes to winter day trips. The plan always includes a picnic, enjoying the hot water pools for a few hours (as well as the beautiful sights directly from them), then a texan restaurant dinner (with me practicing my broken German, which was quite elating since I was able to order teas, ask for explanations, order dinners yesterday!) and loading the car onto the train to come back to Italy around 7 pm.

IMG_2132 IMG_2136 IMG_2142 IMG_2146

Only, this time the train was so late we decided to be brave and take the Simplon pass although it had been closed up to two days before because of the weather. We ended up travelling in the darkest of nights, through desert towns, in between one meter tall walls of snow, under a clear sky with more stars that I have ever seen. Amazing. (Also, a bit scary)


I am officially more than halfway through my holidays but not nervous yet as there is at least one more family daytrip and a dinner with friends on the agenda…


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